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Full Package on IPTV + Chemebi


Special offer for the Magti fiber -optic internet customers: enjoy all channels on IPTV for 15 Gel and unlimited mobile talks among 4 family members.

* To join the promotion the order can be submitted from 05.01.17 till 31.05.17 included; connecting to the network  is available no later than 31.07.2017 included.
* The terms of the promotion are valid during 180 days from the activation date.
* Installation (for standard locations) is free of charge during the promotion period.
* Installation of the additional decoder within the promotion period is free of charge.
* Please, note, subscriber will not be granted with a discount in case s/he prepays the service fee  (6/12 month subscription fee) during the promotion period.
* After 180 days of using the special offer, the subscriber will be automatically switched to basic IPTV package. From that day using “Chemebi” will also be available without any limitations.  
* The promotion is available only for individual retail customers.
* While paying the service fee, certain amount of points will be accrued on the subscriber’s Color Card. A subscriber will be able to use the points in order to either upgrade internet speed or get additional discount on service fee. Please, note that upgrading internet speed is not available for regional internet package subscribers.